It’s a well-known fact that owl symbolizes wisdom and clarity of thinking. That was the reason we’ve put the owl in the name of our website, which is dedicated to making people more knowledgeable and aware of everything related to insurance.

Hundreds of thousands of people who consider purchasing an insurance policy (life, health, home, car, etc) do not fully understand real pros and cons of all types of insurance. Despite the fact that there is tons of information on the Internet, many misunderstand insurance terms and, as a result, they purchase policies which don’t match their needs.


The main goal of myinsuraneowl.com is to post clear guides and explanations about all types of insurance, making it simple and understandable for any reader.

At yourinsuranceowl.com you will find the most valuable content related to insurance:

  • Comparison charts of insurance companies and all pros and cons of their terms.
    We analyze dozens of major insurance companies, comparing their advantages. We find and show you all hidden cons which companies may not want you to be aware of.
  • Brief guides on main types of insurance, such as Life insurance, Health, Car, Homeowner’s insurance and other types.
  • Insurance news and reviews of innovations in insurance sphere.

Aside from working on the content for the website, we post short articles at our blog where we give free advice on certain insurance questions, including legal ones.

We try to write and explain by as simple language as possible, so you, after reading our website, will have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of insurance.

Why is reading yourinsuranceowl.com better than having a conversation with an insurance Agent? It’s plain and simple: agent’s aim is always a selling you the policy. Keep that in mind. Agent will tell you everything which they think will make you purchase a more expensive policy. That’s their salary.

Life insurance

All you need for making a reasonable wise decision is your own objective opinion based on solid knowledge.

We are here to give it to you as we are unbiased and are not paid by any of insurance companies.

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