The main types of Property Insurance

Property Insurance is one of the most common types, right after the Life, Health, Homeowner’s and car Insurances.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a home owner or you rent an apartment, there is always a risk the building and the content of it (your property) could be damaged or stolen.→

TOP-20 facts about Insurance!

Seemingly too boring to surprise you, an Insurance sphere still has some incredible stories and facts that can make you smile your raise your eyebrow. We bet you’ll repeatedly exclaim: “Who could ever think!” while reading these facts. Let’s go!


The pitfalls of Insurance you have to be aware of

We can’t imagine our lives in the modern world without Insurance. There are numerous of threats that can cause troubles and make harm to our property. Naturally, we want to feel certainty and have a peace of mind about their life, health, and well-being whatever hardship life prepares for us.→

What Do You Need to Know About Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner car insurance is a policy designed to provide those who use but do not own car with insurance. For example, if you are renting a car or use car of your relative. If you have no insurance costs that may take place due to an accident may be not covered by insurance company even if the car owner has insurance.→

How to Save On Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a significant cost you need to deal with. It is a must have of course as in case of disaster or any other situation insurance allows you to get funds to rebuild, repair or buy a new home.→

How to Take a Car Insurance with Checkered Driver Report?

If you have a clean driver record and want to get the cheapest insurance check our article disclosing this subject. But if your record is spoilt with traffic offenses or something else you will suffer a number of rejects when applying for cheap and simple car insurance programs.→

Twelve types of Insurances you may not have heard about

Insurance is one of the biggest industries in the USA. It includes a variety of forms of commercial and private insurances, where leading ones are: health and life insurance, homeowner’s insurance and car insurance. However, there are plenty of other types people are not aware of.→

What is the BPMI type of insurance?

Let’s start with the general purpose of mortgage insurance. It stands to reason that borrowers who invest in their homes 20% or more by making the first down payment are more likely to succeed in paying off the home loan.→