TOP-20 facts about Insurance!

Seemingly too boring to surprise you, an Insurance sphere still has some incredible stories and facts that can make you smile your raise your eyebrow. We bet you’ll repeatedly exclaim: “Who could ever think!” while reading these facts. Let’s go!


Life Insurance Underwriting Rating Classes

Please refer to the chart below as a guideline for estimating your life insurance underwriting rating class. This chart represents a collective sample of life insurance underwriting guidelines and is not intended to be all-inclusive or a guarantee of coverage. Your final term life insurance rates will be determined through underwriting and all guidelines vary by company.→

The pitfalls of Insurance you have to be aware of

We can’t imagine our lives in the modern world without Insurance. There are numerous of threats that can cause troubles and make harm to our property. Naturally, we want to feel certainty and have a peace of mind about their life, health, and well-being whatever hardship life prepares for us.→

About Health Insurance in simple words

Health insurance is one of the aspects of our life which many consider as an aspect of high importance and they are completely right. Buying health insurance is an act of self-care, ruled by the voice of the reason, as everything can happen with you and yours and health insurance brings you confidence you’ll be able to cover all needed medical expenses.→

Twelve types of Insurances you may not have heard about

Insurance is one of the biggest industries in the USA. It includes a variety of forms of commercial and private insurances, where leading ones are: health and life insurance, homeowner’s insurance and car insurance. However, there are plenty of other types people are not aware of.→

Types of Life Insurance You Need to Know

Life insurance is a tool designed to provide one in confidence that in case of death one’s family will get a compensation which is called death benefit. Death benefit amount is defined upon terms of policy and it consequently defines payment amount.→

Everything about Personal Accident Insurance

Among all other types of insurances, Personal Accident Insurance takes a special place due to several reasons. Life is an unpredictable thing, and, if you have a family and members who are dependent on you, it’s vital to make sure you will stay in position to cover all expenses whatever the life’s circumstances.→