The main types of Property Insurance

Property Insurance is one of the most common types, right after the Life, Health, Homeowner’s and car Insurances.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a home owner or you rent an apartment, there is always a risk the building and the content of it (your property) could be damaged or stolen.→

How does Renters Insurance protect you and your belongings?

Even if you are not an owner of your apartment or a house, you still need to protect your belongings and insure your liabilities to feel confident and supported. There is a huge list of everything that can happen and it’s obviously not that smart to let the “luck” rule this aspect of your life.→

The pitfalls of Insurance you have to be aware of

We can’t imagine our lives in the modern world without Insurance. There are numerous of threats that can cause troubles and make harm to our property. Naturally, we want to feel certainty and have a peace of mind about their life, health, and well-being whatever hardship life prepares for us.→

How to Save On Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a significant cost you need to deal with. It is a must have of course as in case of disaster or any other situation insurance allows you to get funds to rebuild, repair or buy a new home.→

Twelve types of Insurances you may not have heard about

Insurance is one of the biggest industries in the USA. It includes a variety of forms of commercial and private insurances, where leading ones are: health and life insurance, homeowner’s insurance and car insurance. However, there are plenty of other types people are not aware of.→

What is the BPMI type of insurance?

Let’s start with the general purpose of mortgage insurance. It stands to reason that borrowers who invest in their homes 20% or more by making the first down payment are more likely to succeed in paying off the home loan.→

Breaking down an “Insurance Contract”

An insurance policy is a type of a Contract between two parties: you and the Insurance Company. Just like every business Contract, an Insurance policy contains all essential terms and definitions related to your agreement with the Insurer. In short, a policy defines in which way and under which circumstances an Insurer will pay benefits to the Insured party if certain events/event occurs.→

What Are the Factors Having Impact on the House Insurance Cost?

When you buy a house you should consider many factors that influence on its insurance cost to decrease your expenses. The thing insurance is something you have to pay for always on monthly basis which means that you need to consider it as a part of your investment policy.→

Casualty Insurance explained

Casualty Insurance often goes along with the Property Insurance, as these two types of policies have similar concept and purposes. In this article, we will take a closer look at this type of Insurance to help a reader make a smarter decision.→

What is LPMI and why borrowers buy this insurance?

LPMI stands for Lander-paid mortgage insurance and the concept of it is as simple as it is beneficial. For the borrower who cannot make a standard 20% down payment, additional payments for the insurance may seem “too much”, but it’s only because many don’t understand what LPMI really is and how it saves a borrower’s money.→