How to Take a Car Insurance with Checkered Driver Report?


If you have a clean driver record and want to get the cheapest insurance check our article disclosing this subject. But if your record is spoilt with traffic offenses or something else you will suffer a number of rejects when applying for cheap and simple car insurance programs. So you need to apply for a special high-risk insurance program and one of the options available is a Dairyland program.

Advantages of Dairyland Insurance

The company was started in 1953 and since foundation is specialized on high-risk car insurance. You should consider Dairyland if:

  • you have recently got a driver’s license
  • you have bad driver’s record
  • you do not have US driver’s license
  • your vehicle is exotic (moped, motorcycle)

If something listed above is about you that means you are high-risk driver and you will pay for car insurance more. Most of the companies tend to reject insurance applications if driver doesn’t answer necessary requirements, so such a program may be only a single option for you.

Dairyland Insurance

Company may offer full coverage or limited coverage. You can apply for:

  • collision insurance
  • comprehensive insurance

In case of insurance occasions you will get compensated for repair, medical bills and other expenses (depends on the program you choose).

Available Discounts


There are discounts available for company clients. In order to apply for discount you need to comply below:

  • insure more than one car in Dairyland
  • apply for insurance for more than a week before it gets enforced
  • provide an anti-theft guard
  • have another auto-insurance before you applied for dairyland insurance

Disadvantages of Dairyland


You only can get an insurance after visiting company’s office – there is no option to make it online. Due to the fact company is servicing high-risk drivers you are probably going to pay more – however, this can be the only option for you to get vehicle insured.


It is better to have a clean driving record – this allows you to have more options to choose from and decrease your insurance costs dramatically. However, if you did not manage to keep it clean, Dairyland insurance program is one of the best options to consider.


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