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Delivering a baby is a highly expensive thing nowadays. In average, it may cost you up to $30.000 to deliver your child in a good hospital, while not many have such funds to afford the best labor assistance.

Planned Parenthood Health Insurance is a great solution for parents-to-be as it brings safety and confidence to the family that will have all needed care and medications for the baby/babies and a mother.

Recently, some essential shifts have happened in a Health Care sphere due to the influence of “Obamacare” cancellation by President Trump.

Take a note that standard Health Insurance does not include the parenthood options, so not only you will need to cover the process of labor itself, but also to think about the future kid’s medical needs.

What are the types of Health Care Insurance for parents?

There are several main plans for future parents, so they can choose the optimal one based on their current and future needs.

Health Care Insurance
PPO Plan – Preferred Provider plan implies a policyholder has a relative freedom to choose doctors and hospitals based on their preferences. Still, it will cost you less if you will choose to stick to the doctors who are on the preferred provider list. PPO plan’s options could be customized, so send an inquiry to your Insurer for a detailed Parenthood Health Care plan.

HMO plan – stands for Health Maintenance Organizations plan that is slightly cheaper for a policyholder than a PPO plan. For the cheaper price you will have to use services only of those organizations that are in a HMO list, regardless of whether their services suit your needs.

HDHP – stands for a High Deductible Health Plan which is, in fact, a combination of PPO and HMO plans but with the only difference that a policyholder pays much higher deductibles (an amount that a person pays for services from his own pocket), while the Insurer covers the other part of medical expenses. Higher deductibles also mean lower premiums, and many find this a beneficial option.

health insurance

POS – stands for Point of service plan that means a policyholder has a primary care doctor that makes the first and general evaluation of a patient’s condition and then redirects the patient to other doctor/s who works within the net.

EPO means Exclusive Provider Organization plan that is an excellent option for those who are not willing to be limited by the certain list of doctors, so owners of EPO policies can visit any doctor and any clinic within or beyond the network. Still, if they visit doctors within the network they will pay less from the own pocket. Premiums are also lower comparing to plans described above.

Catastrophic Plan is the cheapest option for future parents as it means the lowest monthly premiums but highest deductibles. A catastrophic plan is great for young parents with a good health and no preexisting conditions. The policy comes to effect in case of extreme health issues caused by accidents and catastrophes: bodily injuries, traumas, and so on.

Planned Parenthood Health Care Insurance facts you need to know

There are key Birth Control Coverage facts you will be interested to know about.

  • More than a half  of young U.S. citizens vote for birth control pills (contraceptive meds) to be included in standard Health Insurance plan provided by employers to their employees (for free).
  • There are official statistics based on Medical Institute’s research that birth control measure improves the overall health of women.

Health care

  • Without an Insurance coverage, birth control pills can cost you up to 500-600 dollars a year (do not forget, that a woman should take pills every month and only stop taking pills before the planned pregnancy).
  • You can have a Planned Parenthood Insurance as an additional policy along with the standard Health Insurance policy.
  • Based on the Civil Rights Act, if your health Insurance policy doesn’t cover birth control pills and implants it could be considered as a violation of basic human’s right.

Birth control Insurance options

Parenthood centers

If your policy allows, you can get a birth control implant or pills at the any Planned Parenthood center that is located in your area. One of the best Planned Parenthood centers (according to people’s choice) is the center with the full range of services for women.

Visit the website and find the detailed answers to your question about the parenthood medical care and birth control.


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