TOP-20 facts about Insurance!


Seemingly too boring to surprise you, an Insurance sphere still has some incredible stories and facts that can make you smile your raise your eyebrow. We bet you’ll repeatedly exclaim: “Who could ever think!” while reading these facts. Let’s go!

1. There is an exclusive type of Insurance in Japan for A-list golf players. The thing is, if a player wins a course they have to organize a party for friends with drinks and gifts for everyone and that can cost a fortune. By buying an Insurance policy they protect themselves by getting a cover for about (in average) $3.000 for making a party. The cost of Insurance is just 65 dollars a year.

2. We don’t know whether to cry or laugh on the following fact that has become a trend in the USA nowadays. Many people who don’t have health Insurance and can’t buy antibiotics without prescription just go to the grocery store and buy fish. The thing is fish is often delivered from fish farms where producers add huge doses of antibiotics, so people who eat fish can benefit from it having no doctor’s prescription.

fish farms
3. Holland is the only country in the world where Health Insurance is mandatory for everyone. Each individual, regardless of his age, status or health condition must buy health Insurance and pay monthly premiums of about 100 euro. The premiums vary depending solely on the income and have nothing to do with any other factor.

4. Can you imagine that those American citizens, who have mental issues and really do need medical help, they don’t buy health Insurance policies because it will be considered as a reasonable act of self-care that mental people supposedly are unable to make? Therefore, if someone does it, that indicates they are not “that mental” to qualify for a cheap medical help for mental illness. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Health Insurance policy
5. Have you ever heard of “virginity Insurance”? Of course, there is no such nowadays, but do you know that earlier, a wedding ring embodied exactly the virginity insurance, so if the groom will take away the bride’s virginity without marriage and he leaves her, the valuable ring was a kind of compensation for the “damage” caused to a woman.

6. Japan is known for its terrifically high rate of suicides, but not many know that Insurance companies in Japan pay life insurance to families even if a policyholder has committed suicide (unlike Insurance companies in the rest of the world). By doing that Japanese Insurance companies indirectly stimulate individuals to claim their lives for the sake of their families live in financial security.

7. This is the real surprise: a worldwide known company SONY takes its profit not from the electronic devices division. We bet you didn’t know that SONY has its own huge Insurance Company that brings the corporation the lion part of the profit, while electronics producing divisions are currently at a loss.

8. A religious group called Amish that is presented in America by thousands of followers does not allow its members to buy Insurance policies. They think that buying Insurance is equal to showing distrust to God’s decisions and so they rely purely on celestial will.

 religious group
9. Iran currently is the only country in the world that provides donors of kidneys who give their organs voluntarily to unrelated patients with Health Insurance along with generous financial bonuses and social benefits. That allowed the country get rid of kidney transplant queue that made many people die in waiting of official donor’s organ.

10. Since the 1987 year, you can officially buy “Alien Abduction” Insurance in the USA. In a case of the insurable “event”, your family or those who you mention in a policy will receive the compensation. The only thing that is unclear is how someone is going to prove he/she were abducted by aliens.

11. The very first celebrity who decided to insure her body parts was the British actress Betty Grable. She has started the trend in 1940 by buying an Insurance policy that covered all the possible damage to her legs. Since then many performers and movie stars insured their body parts and the amount of compensation sometimes reaches several million dollars.

12. Starbucks reports it officially pays more money for its workers’ health Insurance than for coffee beans it regularly buys in colossal volumes.

workers’ health Insurance
13. The very first Insurance Agreement was signed on February 13 in the 1343 year. The earliest Insurance contract ever was, in fact, a marine Insurance policy and it was discovered recently by Italian historians. Before that, the Insurance contract dated by the 1347 year was considered as the first policy in the history.

14. Top football player David Beckham insured his legs for a mind-blowing 70 million dollars. This is the largest sum of body part Insurance by now. Similarly to that many singers whose voices are their business instruments insured it against the risk of losing the voice (that means the end of a career).

David Beckham
15. One of the weirdest cases of Insurance has happened to a movie actress that was starring in the legendary Star Track movie. She was required to shave her head bald for the role, so she has bought an Insurance policy that covered a risk of her hair not growing back.

16. Statistically, in the USA more than 60% of all bankruptcy cases are caused by medical bills expenses. What is worse, all those people who went bankrupt had health Insurance policies and still didn’t manage to cover medical bills. First of all, high deductibles and co-payments sometimes drain everything the person has. Besides, a typical health Insurance policy doesn’t cover many issues, so those who got seriously ill had to pay for medical care from the own pocket that eventually has lead to bankruptcy. Sometimes one serious health issue is enough to become bankrupt, even having a policy.

17. Did you know there is a Car Insurance Day in the United States? It is celebrated on 1st February. By the way, statistically, people (men and women) who are married have fewer car accidents than unmarried drivers. Nobody knows how to explain this phenomenon but numbers say it all.

18. “Philadelphia Contributorship” is the oldest America’s Insurance Company that was founded by the legendary Benjamin Franklin in the 1752 year. The Company was launched with the purposes to insure the Houses against the damage caused by fire.

Philadelphia Contributorship
19. Famous team of astronauts from the Apollo mission could not get a life Insurance from any Company as the risks were too high for Insurers. NASA refused to get life Insurance policies for them as well. Apollo teams came finally up with the brilliant idea to sign the “Insurance Autographs” right before the start of the mission. In the event of Apollo astronauts’ death, the price of their autographs would jump to unseen heights.

20. And finally, here are some curious facts about car Insurance: the largest car Insurance expenditures are in the District Columbia, while the lowest expenditures are in the North Dakota.

Vehicle Insurance

Statistically, two door cars are involved in car accidents the most often. And the last but not the least: you should know that the size of your premiums on car Insurance policy directly depends on the type of the car you drive (sports cars are viewed as high-risk so premiums will raise.


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