Top insurance companies according to Google search


We all have general knowledge about insurance and what it can give us in terms of living with peace and certainty.

In short, insurance is our security and confidence in advance, and of course, it has to cost us something. In order to save your time for scrolling through tons of information about pros and cons of definite insurance company’s products, we’ve created this list of most trustworthy and well-known insurance companies.

We have placed insurance companies according to the most recent official Google data which is based on Search Volume (the number of search requests). It is worth mentioning that given data is actual and valid for 2016 and 2017 years.

The statistics were collected via special service

10. The tenth place – USAA

USAA company has received about 110 000 of search inquiries, so, based on that criteria we placed it on the tenth place in our list.



USAA serves people starting from 1922 and offers, probably, the most comprehensive range of services: insurance, banking, investment, real estate and retirement planning.

Insurance offerings include:

  • Auto insurance (save up to 376$ in average comparing to other insurance companies offers. Several packages include Safe Driver and Good Student special options).
  • Health insurance (including dental insurance, vision insurance, Medicare and long-term care).
  • Life insurance (Term life with payment starting from 14.15$ a month, Whole life starting from 70.74$ and Universal life from 84.57$ a month).
  • Vehicles insurance (Motorcycle, moped, ATV, boat, jet ski, motor home insurance, aviation, antique and collectible cars insurance).
  • Home and Property insurance (Fire, theft, vandalism, weather-induced and other types of issues are covered).
  • Renters and Small business insurance (Standard range of offerings).

9. The ninth place – Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance is a company with more than 90 years of history and widest range of insurance offerings. According to Google search, about 135 000 inquiries have been made by those who are interested in Erie Insurance services, which are:

  • Auto insurance (Aside from offering several auto insurance packages company offers countless number of discounts, such as Safe Driver Multi-Car, age 55 discount, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes discounts, multi-policy discount and others).
  • Life and Retirement insurance (Term and Whole life insurance plus several great retirement plans insurances).
  • Property and Liability insurance (Catastrophe and liability coverage, boat protector, inland marine identity recovery, fraud reimbursement coverage).
  • Business and Homeowners insurance.

8. The eighth place – Travelers Insurance

With quite impressive 165 000 of search inquiries, Travelers Insurance made it to the Top 10. The company was founded more than 160 years ago, so no wonder it is one of the most well-known in the United States.

travelers insurance

The range of insurance products exceeds standard set, where the special attention is paid to Marine insurance:

  • Auto (Liability, collision, medical, uninsured motorist and comprehensive coverage packages.15% discounts in case of no gaps in coverage and up to 23% discounts in case of no accidents, violations or major claims).
  • Boat and Yacht (Physical damage due to collision, bodily injuries, including coverage for antique boats and boats under 26 feet, which is a rare option).
  • Homeowners (all types of home and property coverage plus several discount options listed at the website).
  • Renters (Personal property coverage, optional property coverage, liability protection, additional living expenses, improvements, fire damage).
  • Condo (aside from standard list of options they offer coverage for personal possessions: 200$ for money and coins, and up to 2500$ for business property at home).

7. The seventh place – Allstate Insurance


With 165 000 of total Google search inquiries, the Allstate Insurance is considered one of the most popular and trustworthy in the United States. They call themselves “a force for good” and indeed, their financial empowerment is impressive and recognized on national level.

  • Auto insurance (Special packages for teen drivers are amongst few other car insurance offerings).
  • Home insurance (Covers all issues related to property and home damage, including weather-induced ones).
  • Life insurance (Few special packages with flexible payments schemes and range of coverage options are offered).
  • Motorcycle insurance (you may save up to 50% with special Motorcycle insurance discounts).
  • Condo insurance (Maintenance works and belongings coverage).

6. The sixth place – American Family Insurance

american family

Having 165 000 Google search inquiries, American Family Insurance company promises they’ll “protect your dream”. In terms of trustworthy and reliability, it’s a very high-rated company with more than 90 years history. Here are American’s Family main insurance offerings:

  • Car insurance (Comprehensive and collision coverage, body injury liability insurance, medical expense).
  • Home and Business insurance (Homeowners insurance, backup and overflow coverage, property coverage).
  • Life insurance (Term life and Whole life insurance. The company’s agent consults for all other details).
  • Farm ranch insurance (Dwelling coverage, personal property, and farm outbuilding coverage).
  • Health, ATV, RV, Travel insurance.

5. The fifth place – GEICO


GEICO is one of the biggest companies and not only in insurance sphere (201 000 of Google search inquiries). It was founded in 1936 and now it is known for its most comprehensive range of insurance and financial offerings, below are the most popular of them:

  • Auto, Motorcycle, Commercial vehicles (collision coverage, medical payments, personal injury protection).
  • Life and Health insurance (several packages with flexible payments).
  • Travel, Identity, Pet insurance.
  • Jewelry Insurance (your jewelry are fully covered in case of robbery, etc.).
  • Business owners and professional liability insurance (note, that in order to provide this type of insurance products, Geico collaborates with “Hiscox: as a partner).

4. The fourth place – State Farm Insurance

State Farm group of companies includes Insurance Company, mutual funds and State Farm Bank (201 000 of Google search inquiries). The company was named a Number One Auto insurer in US since 1942.


Read here a professional review on the Best Car Insurance and make up your mind.

Car insurance is a leading direction of State Farm Insurance, although a wide range of other types of insurance is offered:

  • Car insurance (personal service and up to 40% discounts, collision coverage, medical coverage, rental coverage and many other types of).
  • Home and Property (nature-induced and non-weather accidents, with personal property assessment).
  • Life Insurance (three packages: Term life, Whole life and Universal life).
  • Health and Disability insurance (Individual medical, Medicare Supplemental, Supplemental Health Insurance).

3. The third place – Progressive

As Progressive Insurance company claims it was ranked “one if the best insurance companies” for corporations and individuals. The company’s got 246 000 Google search inquiries by now.



The company starts its history from the 1937 year and now considers as one of the biggest insurance companies with progressive yearly grow in about 17%.

The main insurance offerings of the company are:

  • Car (auto) insurance (with option to save the money in case of no accidents in last 3 years).
  • Life insurance (coverage options start at 50K$ up to 1 million$. Monthly or quarterly payments for 10, 20 or 30 years of insurance).
  • Health insurance (13000 options + 180+ carriers and full expenses coverage).
  • Motorcycle, home, flood insurance (including many types of electronic gadgets insurance).

2. The second place – Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance was searched in Google about 301 000 times, primarily by those who were looking for car and life insurance. The company was founded in 1925 and now it offers Banking services, Retirement and Investment services along with all types of insurance services. The main insurance types are:

  • Auto insurance (95% member satisfaction; various multi-policy discounts).
  • Motorcycle insurance (covers up to 12 bikes, up to 50K$ per bike, up to 30K$ per vintage bike).
  • Life insurance (3 types of life insurance policies, flexible payments, full access to money).
  • Small business insurance (for business safety, loss prevention and accident medical insurance for your staff).

1. The first place – Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance received 368 000 search requests so the company has fully deserved its first place in our chart. The company was founded in 1928 and currently the company consists of Group of Companies.


Farmers Insurance offers the widest range of insurance products, such as:

  • Life insurance (they offer several options to match your requirements and payment preferences the best);
  • Car and Motorcycle insurance (in case of car’s damage or an accident your have your expenses covered fully);
  • Financial insurance (Cover your business with special insurance plan, so you are protected whatever happens);
  • Home and Renters insurance;
  • Recreational insurance;
  • Pet insurance (a very popular option lately, so your vet’s expenses are covered).


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